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„Why do business negotiations fail?“ Using the example of America-Germany and Germany-China



(wo bu hui shuo putonghua = Ich spreche kein Chinesisch) 


(wo ting bu dong = ich verstehe nicht)

„Ich verstehe nur chinesisch“………… Wahrnehmung verstehen – Konflikte  vermeiden 

Due to globalization of markets, more and more German, American and Chinese companies co-operate with each other. The U.S.-American market is the largest and technologically strongest in the world, the Chinese economy continues to grow at an astonishing rate and Germany is the largest European market. Vast sums of money have been invested by German, American and Chinese companies in collaborative agreements. The diversity in culture between Germany, America and China often means that achieving a common perception of business objectives is a challenge. This event seeks to highlight where significant differences in cultural perception lie, between German managers and their American and Chinese counterparts respectively, and how these differences impact on the level of conflict in American-German and Chinese-German business cooperation. Importantly, the speakers will discuss how conflicts in German-U.S.-American and German-Chinese business negotiations can be minimized, in order to increase the chances of commercial success.


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